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Wow, what a thread.

Doc, you might look to baselining the vehicle and the driver:

1] Weighing the vehicle w/driver, full fuel and items permanently aboard.
2] Note the tire type, brand & tread, and load versus pressure (15% reserve)
3] Confirmed that there is no brake drag or alignment issues, etc.
4] The type of driving being done (length of trip; time & miles: average mph)

and whatever else you find worthwhile. Unless I missed it, I see no info about how the vehicle is used. So far as comparisons to others are concerned,

a] Truck spec
b] Climate
c] Terrrain
d] Truck use

are central to teasing out valid comparisons.

I get the impression that "fuel is the answer", yet I see no info proffered where more intelligent use can gain a foothold is present. Confirmation bias at work?

The DHS noticed, in a study released last year that 90% of Americans drive to 90% of the same places 90% of the time . . so, how have you re-ordered your usual errand-running, etc, to baseline your driving? FedEx & UPS use route ordering (the arrangement of stops) to minimize fuel burn, and so can you. MAPQUEST can suggest re-ordering of stops.

I'm not the only one to see continued mpg improvements on a gasoline vehicle through 30k miles -- a declining curve of improvement, but present -- so a fuel log and established routing for the routine runs, plus map consultation for new stops is a part of being able to baseline both vehicle and driver in present condition/use.

Nice to see the give & take. Yet it is revealing that the emotional content of assumptions about how the world should work -- FE as the stand-in -- is hindering your reading around this site. Grab a detail (climate & topography for example; routing can be mapped with sat data) and offer up what you find. There will be found feedback (links & experience) which will be found fruitful. I'd start by reading every thread/post concerning a pickup truck and making a list or three.

The splinter in one's own eye is the general problem all start with, myself included.

And, welcome!

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