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Interface between components

The Big Junction Box has started out as a roughly square piece of plywood. About 25 inches by 23 inches. Lots of room to mount parts, terminals, clamps.

This is the first cut at a list of signals into and out of each of the components. This is the interface.

This list is intended to be the minimum, just the basics. Options can be added later.

I'm not sure if the 12V accessory battery should be part of the 'car' or part of the 'Electric Engine Module'. Start with the accessory as part of the 'car'.

Terminal numbers are arbitrary, beginning at A01. They are just labels. The list is terminal number, then description

Car interface to BJB
A01 Key Switch Run, 12V = run position. Use as switched power.
A02 Enable Switch, 12V = OK to run (ebrake off, slap switch OK)
A03 Throttle Position, 0 - 5V
A04 12V, Power, non-switched
A05 0 V, Ground

Car Interface from BJB
B01 None

Controller from BJB
C01 Key Switch Run
C02 Enable Switch
C03 Throttle Position
C04 12V
C05 0V, Ground
C06 Charger connected, 12V = disable controller

Controller to BJB
D01 Main Contactor, 12V = turn on DC battery bank
D02 Precharge bypass, 12V = precharge is complete, bypass the precharge resistor

Charger from BJB
E01 120VAC
E02 Neutral
E03 Ground
E04 12V
E05 0V, Ground

Charger to BJB
F01 DC+
F02 DC-
F03 Charger Connected, 12V = Car plugged into a power source

Battery Pack To/From BJB
G01 DC+
G02 DC-

Battery Pack from BJB
H01 None

Motor From BJB
I01 DC+
I02 DC-

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