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LPG is forbidden for road use in Brazil, but it's not so uncommon to find backyard conversions. Often, it just has a hose connected to the carburettor (or the throttle-body if it has a TBI) and a valve to be connected to an average home LPG bottle.

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Given that Mexico has more installations than we do and Brazil has us beat by a long shot I would think they are probably giving it a better rep than the restrictive setups here in the states. How often do you hear of a CNG car blowing up in Mexico or Brazil for that matter?
I've only heard about CNG cars exploding in Brazil when the owner was trying to fill a home LPG bottle with the gas. An average LPG setup pressure is 225psi while CNG goes from 3000 to 3600. Also, the maximum pressure an average CNG tank is certified to hold up is around 13500psi.
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