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A few comments, based on FF experience

Hello Visionary,
I've just spent several hours reading right through your whole saga. First of all, congratulations on putting the whole thing together and best of luck in achieving your goals. Although I've never built any FF or recumbent motorcycles, I have ridden a lot, and owned several, including the Flying Banana, an original Quasar and now, the Pegram Genesis 650. I've also had the great pleasure of riding Craig Vetter's Helix, two Gurney Alligators and lots of Ecomobiles and Monotracers including both of the X-prize-winning electric ones. I've also ridden several Hossacks, Cedric Lynch's electric streamliner and the Agni racer that won the first electric TT in 2009. (All of the above can be viewed at bikeweb dot com)
I'm bound to say that I agree with Craig that you won't have enough power to crack the ton in your beast. Frankly, I'll be astonished if you manage to get much above 80mph in it, bearing in mind that 80mph is what Craig's streamlined Helix manages with its 17bhp and raised gearing. I think you'd have to build something much closer to an NSU streamliner to go past 100mph with even a tuned C90 engine.
I also think a foot throttle is a bad idea for a road-legal motorcycle and I say that having ridden Mick Broom's F650-powered FF. (I'm not allowed to a link yet, but it too can be found on bikeweb dot com).
Enough for now. I look forward very much to seeing the airfield video and I hope we can meet in the not too distant future. Best of luck with the project!
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