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Some quick replies

Re: Rollhoop – thanks to eco-generator and Patrick for your concern and suggestion. If I can refer you to post #011 and the visual of the projected bodywork, you will see that a fully enclosed roof section, incorporating full roll-over protection is a cornerstone of the design. At present much of the external bodywork is incomplete, but I judge that there is much to be learned from these early tests, without waiting to complete every section.

Re: Speed target – thanks to PaulBlez for your informative post. I have followed your work for many years and defer to your experience while I still hope to prove you wrong, even though I suspect that the odds are very definitely in your favour. At the outset of this project I said that the task would be difficult one, and during the build I have reinforced that opinion. At present I have the frontal area below target, power capability in excess of the 11.5hp that’s needed, and it all comes down to hitting my Cd target with the final body shape – so I remain optimistic.
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