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Originally Posted by visionary;

Re: Speed target[/B] – thanks to PaulBlez for your informative post. [SNIP] At present I have the frontal area below target, power capability in excess of the 11.5hp that’s needed, and it all comes down to hitting my Cd target with the final body shape – so I remain optimistic.
You're welcome Visionary & thanks for your PM.

Now then, about this 11.5bhp calculation. Are you sure that it allows for the monstrous tyres that you've hampered your machine with?! I'm sure Cedric Lynch would say that they're the equivalent of a boxer trying to fight with one hand behind his back! Bear in mind that he runs his road-going 60mph electric streamliner on bicycle tyres because he's so obsessed with rolling resistance; I couldn't even persuade him to use the skinny tyres that are fitted to sporty Thai 125cc step-thrus but I think you should consider them! I'll bet you a drag bike tyre to a Tour de France racing tubeless that if you do the sums correctly those chunky 600 and 750 tyres will up your power requirement to at least 15bhp, if not more!
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