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Upping the MPG ante: from 100mpg to 282mpg!

I'm surprised that no-one seems to have commented on the considerable upping of the fuel consumption target that Visionary has set himself.

From an eminently achievable 100mpg (especially if it was 100mpgUK), it is now, apparently, 100kms per litre, which is 235mpgUS and 282mpgUK!

Bearing in mind the weight of the beast, and the rolling resistance of those massively over-specced tyres, I can't see this being achieved in any kind of normal road use, whether in town or on the open road.

To give some point of reference, when I rode Craig Vetter's hundred mile test loop of very varied Californian out-of-town going, I was very impressed that his Helix achieved 85mpgUS 100mpgUK despite being ridden pretty hard.

I can't see the C90 Project beast managing nearly three times the fuel efficiency of Craig's Helix streamliner, even if it were being driven considerably slower.
PS I still can't post links on this site, but if anyone's interested Craig put up a photo of me in his machine, quoting the above consumption figures, when making reference to last year's Quail Challenge on 13th May 2011.
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