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My next aeromod I performed was removal of the passenger side mirror. With already having the antenna removed, removing that extra mirror only made more sense. Mine was already loose and ready to fall off, so I broke it the rest of the way off...............

If you would rather remove it normally, Pop off the inside cover and remove the 3 screws instead. This is actually a pic of the left side. A deer removed that one for me, but only left a minor dent.

Now to make the cover for the area the mirror was. I used a piece of a stiff, plastic mudflap found at any truck stop. I had a small piece left over from the fender skirt future project which will be posted on this thread at a later time.

I traced out and estimated the size with the old mirror and used a pocket knife to lightly scribe my mark.

Using a regular circular saw, I cut the needed piece and then shaved off the edges from burrs with the pocket knife.

The material this flap is made of is a stiff, yet slightly flexible plastic and holding the contour or slight bend is acheived by pre-bending it with your hands slightly and holding it for a minute. I then used Black Silicone RTV and carefully put a bead around the inside edge and set in place. After a few moments of holding the cover in place, I ran a bead around the outside perimeter and used my silicone skillz and my lucky finger to perfectly seal the entire piece.

The most important part of this is to let the silicone cure overnight. This ensures it stays in place and after the silicone if cured, it is slightly flexible to allow for any movement from temperature changes, highway speeds, shopping carts, curious kids, etc.

Not too shabby.....................

Mudflap material = $0.00
Black RTV = $7.00
Total cost = $7.00
Total labor time = 1 hour
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