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I'm the OP .

Have around 12k miles with system 48 in my engine and a total of 241500 miles. According to my research, around this age is when they just start burning oil (1-2qt per 3k miles), and when they do, within 30-40k miles later they have major problems (don't remember what exactly). It uses around 1/2 a quart per 3k miles, and I run synthetic, so an oil change every 10k miles. I'm sure some people will go crazy about my oil change habits. On sites where people post their high mileage for their cars shows the corolla never really makes it past 300k with out an engine change/rebuild. On the other hand, the Camrys go up to ~400-450k.

I have a friend that wants to buy a can for his car. (I buy it by the case, then resell for a fair price vs other resales). His engine is low miles (like 60k), but was ran out of oil and is knocking a bit in the top end. I know it isn't magic juice, but it could help prolong the life of the engine if it helps in areas of metal to metal contact. I can't remember if it uses oil or not though.

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