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Originally Posted by Susanne View Post
All criticism is made by individuals who refuse to try them.
At 80 to 125 USD + P&P for a mere 9 gaspods , I'm not going to join your test fleet

With you claiming they are not VGs, I'll pass completely.
For if they don't generate vortexes, I really don't see what they'd do ...

But VGs DO work.

I have glider dimple tape on the mirrors, A-pillar and top of the windscreen.
Car is noticeably quieter now - the V50 range is known for wind noise around the A-pillar.
The effect on fuel consumption is not measurable though - i.e. I simply can't single it out.

The dimple tape didn't do $h!t on the rear end though - so I removed it.
The dimple tape is too shallow (about 1/16th to 1/12th of an inch) compared to the boundary layer.

The gaspods look the right size to effect the boundary layer at the rear end - if they do something like causing vortexes ...

Variability in day-to-day driving is simply too great to test the effectiveness of your products. Wether it's over 2000 or 20000 miles.
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