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Originally Posted by taco View Post
So do you have to hold the stalk back the entire time to remain in ev. Or is it like click on and off
You pull and hold it for two seconds, then it clicks into EV mode and you can let go.

It's just a way to re-use and repurpose an existing switch or button, instead of drilling another hole in the dash. Keeps everything very clean looking. I like that it's "secret" too.

OK, you guys are mean, egging me on into painting that lower grill block. I ended going to both the hardware store and auto parts store. I got a can of dark red Krylon plastic spray paint. It was pretty close to the car color, but NOT metallic. At the hardware store, I also got stainless steel screws and washers for a rust-proof way to attach the grill block.

At the auto-parts store, I bought a can of metallic dark-red car spray paint. They didn't have all the Toyota factory colors there. I got a GM Dark Metallic Red that was pretty close.

I did a test of both paints on some scrap political sign material while painting the fasteners. The coroplast didn't melt or have any other negative reaction to either paint.

I pulled the grill block and gave it a couple coats of the metallic red.

Here's a photo of the new grill block removed to paint it.

You can see the wood blocking used as a mounting point for the plastic.

Once the red paint on the coroplast was dry enough, I re-mounted it to the car.

Oddly, the paint job looked much better to the naked eye. Once I looked at the photo, I noticed the paint drip and unevenness, but it actually looked pretty good just staring right at the car itself!

I may end up pulling it back off and adding another coat of paint.

The other thing I was wondering about was the gray pipe insulation in the upper grill block. Could I paint that foam as well? I don't know, so let's try it!

I pulled out some more foam, split it the long way and sprayed some of each of the two paints on it. Again, no melting or other negative reaction, so I sprayed the whole piece of foam red.

Once the two pieces are dry, I should be able to fold them in half and stuff them in the upper grill and have a CUSTOM PAINTED-TO-MATCH foam upper grill block!

Also, I am covered in red paint. When I walked back into the house, I immediately told my wife, "Don't worry, I'm NOT bleeding. It's just paint." as I was holding my hand in the air with red liquid dripping down it..."

PPS: Here's a photo I put together from an image before and after I painted it.

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