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Dejligt at se en fra Danmark!

I would not bother with the batteries, theyre quite expensive, compared to what you might gain in fe.

i would start with at slight lowering (assuming the girlfriend approves)
eibach springs make some that only lowers it 20mm at the front and 25mm at the back, so they should not give you and clearance problems.

then i would cover the front grille, a bit like the lupo 3l, and other eco-versions from vag.
just buy a black sheet of plastic and either zip tie it, or use closed-cell foam tape, like the stuff used for emblems on cars, it is really tough stuff, and being on the back, it would make a stealth appearance.

change the antenna for a shorter one, when you drive behind one of the triplets on the highway the longer ones always flap about, like the tail on a overexited dog, thats gotta hurt aero a bit. ebay sells some very oem-looking ones.

and consider insulating the bonnet as well, either by placing oem-looking rubber in the sides of the bonnet, and where it might have been left out, or buy a blanket from a scrap-yard (surely the 3l must have one?)

some of the bulbs could also be changed to led, unless it has bulb failiure warning. do a search on ebay for warm-white ones for an oem look.

and you could shed the spare wheel if it has one. maybe the emergency kits found in other vags could replace it for a nice weight saving?

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