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Hej opamann.
You're absolutely right, the batteries might not be worth the cost, which is why they are not top of the list. I would like to try it out, in the name of science, but it would be pointless doing it over the winter, when I can't be guaranteed stable testing conditions.

Thanks for the tip on the Eibachs, the girlfriend approves! I've been a bit hesitant on lowering, the only loweringsprings I could find were 3-3,5cm, which I thougt was a bit too much.
I've been wanting to do that grill block for the last couple of weeks, tried out some black ducttape, but it looked terrible and way too eyecatching. I'm probably going to do a stealth grill block next week, using some black plastic from a small square bucket.
I've already taken care of the antenna, I simply just removed it. The radio still works fine, and we only get a bit of static when we drive through forrest areas.

We just changed to winter tires, so I thought I'd refill to check how the quest for better fuel economy was going (before the change to winter tires). A bit dissapointingly, we only managed 21,6 km/l (4,63L/100km) which is a reduction of 5,7% from our previous tank. I was hoping for better, but the weather has been terrible, and we've done some highway driving too.
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