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I really wish I could buy a bunch of those IGBTs, but we're moving in 2.5 weeks now, and our lovely daughter trapped in Kenya had her school fees that had to be paid for next year, and given their lovely "everyone must have the exact same thing" approach to life, the daughter of the woman that we're paying to take care of her also gets to go to school. yay. That was a painful western union trip. Also, the woman deals in illegal "illicit brew" as they call it. hahaha. I feel better now. I think the woman's also a prostitute, since there's always a different guy that's in the background when I call her. LOL. ALSO, her last boyfriend just stole our daughter's TV and ran away!!! We bought that for her. oh I'm so mad, but this makes me feel better.

I took a bunch of pictures of a shop thing at Home Depot, and as soon as we move, and get the concrete poured in the back yard, I'm going to look at the pictures, and try and build a shop, and then I'm back and ready to go! This time with actual room, without certain people knocking all my stuff down in the garage and walking all over it!
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