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Originally Posted by theycallmeebryan View Post
Beat me to it.

I think it would be easiest and most efficient to have the electric motor drive the front wheels and the diesel drive the rear. That way, the Diesel and transmission can be in there proper configuration, and adding the electric motor where the transfer case would normally be would be a great solution.

That way, you have 3 options. EV Only, EV+Diesel (Assisted towing, acceleration, 4wd, etc), or Diesel Only... almost seemlessly.

I think you may run in to a lot of issues putting the E-motor inline between the transmission and the driveshaft.
I'll strongly second that suggestion. If you put the electric motor in-line you will have to have power into it at all times or else you will significantly lower your mileage from the diesel engine turning over the motor as a generator. There's a reason why hybrids use generators and electric drive motors. It's easier to set up an electric switch linkage than a mechanical one.

What I would do is use those two forklift motors. One I would attach to the diesel for use as a generator. The other I would link to the drive shaft. Then it's just batteries and one or two inverters with switching in between. You can run the diesel at optimum RPM that way, and with the right circuitry, start the diesel with the other forklift motor that you are using as a generator. Whether that motor will work optimally as a generator is another question, but it should work alright.

That way, your system efficiency losses are:
A. Heat - nothing you can do about that.
B. Battery charge-recovery losses. That depends on the batteries and their condition.
C. Inverter losses (should be minor) when running power directly from the generator to the drive motor on the highway. But those shouldn't be worse than mechanical transmission losses.

Voila. You have disposed of the entire mechanical transmission build. And you have plenty of good cable to make the wiring harnesses you need.
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