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I have an 06 Prius. ANd except thats it quite uncomfortable, I love it. Being an electrical aerospace engineer, and always into technology, I think the Prius is the best combination. I have the idea to make my old classic camper into a hybrid by installing the prius transaxle and electronics. I can cruise around town with great MPG but still travel when I want. Of course, funds may never allow that.
Ans now that the newer Prius can travel faster on all electric, It;s like having an EV with super reliable back-up and plenty of power.
I vote Prius. ANd depending on gas type/ tire type / driving style, MPG's can be great. Only once, I got some off brand gas in Northen VA, (it was pricey, used premium) and was able to get over 60 mpg for the entire tank. I clocked over 600 miles on the tank before I had to fill it. I travelled form northen VA back to NJ and then drove 40 mi to work all week. IDK what it was, but the car really liked that gas. Never got that gas again and never had those MPG's again.

ALso, a great explanation of Prius electronics:

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