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Originally Posted by ebacherville View Post
Hell in my ninja 250 motorcycle I had a bad battery.. and you could push start it and drop the clutch to start it as the magneto woul d start making power to fire the ignition off... but even that was pretty hard work if it didn't pop off instantly...

I once had an old, crappy Honda CM185 Twin Star with a weak electric starter and an idling problem. It would stall out at a stop light and I figured out that bump starting was much easier than kick starting it. I would just have to put it in second and rock it forward while dumping the clutch. The thing would fire up like it was meant to be started that way. I kinda wondered why they ever put two other starters on it. As cheesy as that thing looked, I really do miss that bike. It got more ugly stares at bike week than a morbidly obese wedding crasher wearing a speedo.

With the Tundra, push starting is a little more difficult but that's prolly due to the 4,000 pound difference between the two vehicles. So unless I already have the momentum, I'll have to rely on ol' sparky to fire up the beast. When I do bump start it, it seems to fire up right away, but it's not very smooth. The dormant engine gives a lot of resistance, even in fifth, so it does jerk a little. I'll have to practice a little, but I'd like some more reassurance that the cat isn't going to go up in flames. You know, especially with the manual specifically telling me not to push start it and all...
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