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Hi Paul

I have disconnected all of the wires
Controller 12v neg, pos
Throttle position wires
(not using the contactor control wire)
Battery neg, pos

Testing I get
Battery negative bus bar to heat sink ~ 7 Meg ohms
Battery positive bus bar to heat sink ~ 700 Meg ohm
Motor bus-bar to heat sink ~ 3 ohms

Start-up smoke

I was sitting in the car - from there I can see into the motor end of the controller
(I have not made any end plates up - maybe I should)
My precharge system used a halogen bulb - which was blown - did not work

I switched on the 12v system - this switched on the negative contactor
and the 12v to the controller
There was an electrical click and a puff of smoke came out of the motor end of the controller
Then switched on precharge - didn't work so I switched on the positive contactor
The puff of smoke may have come out when I switched the second contactor

I was thinking - bugger me - its smoked - but when I switched on the forward contactor and pressed the pedal it went,
the reverse worked as well so I went for a quick drive
Great fun! - but highly illegal

I have since then fixed the precharge - I was looking at a discharge system as well but I found that if I switch off the precharge and the second contactor then press the pedal the controller capacitors discharge (making the car lurch a bit)

Now working on fitting some bodywork, bolting the seats down would help as well
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