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Originally Posted by Rusty94cx View Post
I do have a silly question how can you have lean burn on a vetec e motor without using vetc engagement? If you read clearly I said that it is base map similar to a p07 it is more leinent with leanburn. Even with 02 delete it's worthwhile and by definition a custom tune.
My understanding is the HX vtec scheme (VTEC-E) is very different from what's in the other VTEC cars. HX has the 2nd intake valve cracked open very slightly in non-vtec mode. I think it would be in that state in lean burn too. I think the idea is to aid swirl and combustibility. Maybe also aids cooling. Also I read the HX's VTEC-E has a VTEC mode where all valves open - but this kicks in at a much lower rpm than on the EX / Si versions. It seems to kick in around 3000 rpm or a bit higher in my car.

Anyway, I'm very interested in the work mugen is doing. We have to give them credit for concentrating their efforts on the ECU tune and swaps. We have lots of guys here with expertise in all other kinds of eco mods!
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