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Originally Posted by Arragonis View Post
There are a lot of assertions in there with no supporting info. I've tried to put in links before but I'm not chasing yours.
My post only contains the facts, as far as I know. Not one assertion in the entire thing. Facts are verifiable, so if you think that something I've stated is not correct, then you need to do the research. I know what I wrote is correct - if you want to reject it out of hand, then that is up to you. You are then denying the facts.

The earth is an oblate spheroid that is also affected by the gravitational pull of the ice on the Antarctic continent. The sea level south of the equator is higher than the sea level north of the equator; because the addition gravitational pull of the ice is pulling the ocean water toward Antarctica. The ice on Greenland also pulls the ocean level up around Greenland.

Those are facts too - why do I need to back them up? I am an honest and sincere person and I don't make stuff up. I am certainly mistaken on occasion, and if I'm wrong, I admit it.

Human caused climate change is the single most challenging thing that our species has ever faced - and since it is of our making, the inverse is also possible. We are causing the current changes to the climate, so we can stop causing it, too.

We can change our way of living and we must - if we want to avoid the worst effects of rapid climate change. I have never been more serious in my life.

Our children and grandchildren will curse us IF we don't try. They will curse us...

Sincerely, Neil