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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Not that I was there, but I'm starting to suspect that the Bolsheviks were rolling for the Atlantic coast, when Mr. H. met them half-way in Poland
History suggests (its a theory based on fact ) that in 1939 the Soviet military machine was quite weak - good in numbers, poor in tactics, equipment, training, leadership (Mr S removed the clever ones) - you know, the fundamentals. During the Polish invasion from both sides the Germans reached their objectives and "stop line" way ahead of the Russians, in fact the Germans could have continued quite easily, but they had to stop and wait for the Russian side to catch up.

Alan Clark has an excellent book on it.

Another theory also suggests that the US "occupied" the UK as a base in Europe to make sure that the Russians wouldn't dominate Europe after the end of Mr H. This is kind of disputed by the fact that at the same time as Pearl Harbour in 1941 (when the US joined in), Mr H was about to occupy Moscow and defeat Mr Stalin - it was his high point. It went downhill after this.

Originally Posted by radioranger View Post
Man you guys are good!! ...
Confused after this bit, sorry

Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
My post only contains the facts, as far as I know
I've tried to include them too, I didn't include links in my last post because it was about the ideas and a position on them. I don't disrespect the ideas of those who are concerned, I just don't agree.

Apart from this we are probably closer than you think on ideas like environmentalism, wildlife, wilderness, nature, clean water, clean air, reducing our impact - and probably a load of other ideas.

Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
our children and grandchildren will curse us IF we don't try. They will curse us...
They will also curse us if we take the wrong path - spend more time at the fork in the road - maybe there is another path not yet visible.

Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
...Prime example of what you don't want to call denialism. The so-called pause is a figment.
I stated a case on terms used - up to you if you understand, or don't or indeed believe the opposite.

As for the pause being a figment - prove it - with real sources.

As I have hinted before I'm unsubscribing from this. I might check later but it is doubtful. There is the option of a PM, even with a concurrant post here.

Good luck to all.


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