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Well I'm the latest person to read the whole thread and it only took me a mere 5 months! My goal was to make it before you made it to 600 pages, so mission accomplished. Back in October I started an IGBT version using the rev 2c control board. I'm using 3 of the 400 amp 600 volt modules that some people did a group buy on a while back. It uses a water plate for cooling. I'm in the testing phase right now. Control board works great and I've tested up to 70 volts and 20 or so motor amps so far. I'll start a new thread on it at some point to post pics.

On a side note, I'd asked a while back about using 15 pf caps in place of the 20 pf ones and they do in fact work. Thanks everyone for all the great work/help and I hope to return the favor!
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