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I have to admit-I get stressed out a lot these days. Laid off from work, living off my life savings (never enough), watching my nation trot headlong towards the high precipice of just feel so-helpless, pressure building until your head throbs and it's...just too much, y'know?

So when I get that depressed, there's only one thing that can make me smile- I grab a sharp, slender blade and feel the cool steel competence of it nestled in my palm, a custom fit...and the blade is hand-ground tool steel over 80 years old, can't find this kind of craftsmanship these days, no sir.

I head out to the barn, where the body of my latest lovely hangs suspended and waiting just for me. I place my hand against the neck, feeling silky smoothness beneath my hand. I steady the fine tremor in my fingertips-too eager, must wait for the moment-and when the moment is perfect in Zen clarity I make the first SLICE-

And when i'm finished, the body returned to it's place and I ready the GLUE. Oh yes, then I string it up later...

No sir, nothing makes my more happy and calm than the sounds issuing from my own handmade guitars! RAPTURE!!

What...what did you THINK I was doing out there? Filthy minded the lot of you, for shame!

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Okay, my neighbors do complain about being tortured-but only when I go outside and practice my scales-'Mary Had A Little Lamb' will be learned any day now! Then i'm going to try to get 'Dueling Banjos' under my belt because, hey, Tradition...
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