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2nd Tank Start

So, I'm early into my 2nd tank with the additive...


Subjective -- Occasionally at fully-warm idle, there feels to be a more pronounced stumble (singular engine shake) and reduction in overall smoothness. No detonation/ping was heard. No other notations (no smoke noted, engine power seems the same, warmup times may be longer -- not sure).

Objective -- This was a real shocker for me... Despite the wind, temps in the single-digits, Holiday rushing around, snow, and offering my Mother-in-Law an urgent ride (had to drive faster than normal) -- FE was slightly better, where an expected drop has occurred when Winter conditions become more harsh (as in this time of year). Oddly, the SG2 expected the tank to be around 31-32 mpg instead of the 35.4 at fill. More fills to eliminate possible pump errors, changes in conditions (see oil below), and a retrospective comparison is needed to look at past winter situations.

Condition Changes: (Late into tank-1) I hadn't checked the oil for a while, and thankfully I did. A tiny amount remained on the dipstick on each of 3 checks (cold engine). 1.5 quarts of oil added (a variety of oils have been used the last couple of years, depending on what I have at the moment: conventional, high-mileage, synthetic / high-mileage blends, and full synthetic). Valvoline SynPower 0W-20 full-Synth added -- change/filter due soon. Secondly, one headlamp burned-out (It looks to be the original).

Continuing the experiment at 1 oz per 5 (correction: gallons), as previous...

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