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Originally Posted by air View Post
LB works already in 3-5th gears. Not sure exactly what you are talking about adding it to 3-4 gears.
It is suposed to bring us more consistant lean burn in a wider amount of RPM's. They mght be talking more for the HX as it is much more picky about lean burn, but they have made maps for both the hx and vx.

Originally Posted by surfstar View Post
What about states with tailpipe emission tests? Swap back to stock ecu or would it pass still?
They really can't say anything for your car specificlly. It might still pass or it might not. It might not pass with the stock ECU in your car either. Just depends on how your car currently runs and the condition of its emmision items.

Originally Posted by jakobnev View Post
And more importantly: What about actual real emissions?
I am sure these results will vary depending on the car? But I am sure it is not as bad as a Hummer... lol
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