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Subscribed. I have been kicking this idea around for my hatchback for several years. I have the receiver hitch and the "stinger" (that plugs into the receiver) welded up but I have been stuck since. Perhaps you will inspire me to finish it up.

As to the caster, I have an unusually steep entrance to my driveway. I have to enter and exit at an angle to keep from rubbing. On my driveway the casters would have to be at the back corners to do any good. Also, the suspension should be working with you if you get a caster strike. You don't have to lift the weight of the whole back half of the car, hopefully only a small percentage of that as some of the load is taken off of the rear springs.
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The power needed to push an object through a fluid increases as the cube of the velocity. Mechanical friction increases as the square, so increasing speed requires progressively more power.
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