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DIY: Hot Air Intake for 2003-2008 Toyota Corolla/Vibe and Pontiac Vibe

This one was a quicky, but it functions nicely.

I'm using some 4" dia dryer duct tubing.

Pictures are self explanatory.

The bottom half of the airbox that bolts to the chassis is what you want to modify (pre filter)

This is the bottom of the airbox (next THREE pictures)

I cut a hole in the box so that the flex tubing could just be wedged into it.

I had to trim a piece off and used that to make sure I cut out enough so i didn't have to fight the tubing too hard to get it into there, but make it tight enough so it stayed in to give it a decent seal..

The exhaust manifold is on the backside of the engine which makes this a great setup because the engine blocks direct air and wont loose too it's temp by much when at freeway speeds.

Do you see how the manifold guard has those 2 rectangular holes up top?

Cut out that center section

stretch it open a little and just shove your tubing into it..

On the same day, the temp reads 23f degrees on the cars temp display, usually the IAT reads within 6 degree's of that, not any more
Note the 87f degrees IA (Incoming Air temp)


While driving around, the temp outside would read 12f degree's out since the car wasn't just sitting there idling, I'd see a max of 107f degrees at the moment. While doing 65, I'd so it dip no lower than 85f

For the original air inlet into the airbox, I shoved a rag into it..

That is all..


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