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Now that I am looking through pics, here's some more Wet Coast rust free (mostly) cars floating around.

The Superfly - 3cyl 5 speed, ended up giving it to a friend to give to someone that needed a car. It had been sitting there for about 7 years, actually fired up with a jumpstart and drove out on it's own power!

92 VX, even up here these things rust out bad in the rear 1/4s

96 3cyl 5 speed metro, no rust but it needed axles & 2nd gear synchro

2000 Insight, this was for sale in a parking lot last year. Decent mileage, new IMA battery, and a reasonable price I think, can't remember what it was but I am thinking under $6k

Random Sprint, I saved it from the crusher then found out the motor was really noisy in it, no one wanted it, I needed cash for Christmas, so back to the scrap guy it went.
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