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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post

This is the only thing we have on u-tube. Fixed stroke-not adjustable as it is in the patent, running on compressed air at about 2k RPM without vibration. Patent number is US 7677208. In wheel hydraulic variable stroke drive.

So it's an in-wheel compressed air drive. Looks like that video is three years old. If so, have you gotten this working in a vehicle or driving a significant load? That would be cool to see. If you have, have you calculated MPG from that testing? If you haven't calculated MPG, what's the typical power requirement to "charge" a compressed air drivetrain and what's the typical range for that. I've always been curious, but never looked it up.

I believe all VLC wheels are occupied by in-wheel suspension. That may be one reason you didn't hear back. Another may be, as far as I know, Edison2 has never considered a compressed air drivetrain.

Everyone - there's still an open invitation to comment on the images. Just click on the link above each image. Comments period closes down after this week.

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