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Originally Posted by pete c View Post
Great work.

Do you use the alternator for the short commutes? I doubt the ROI is there, but, a Lion battery pack would be neat to replace that tired old battery.

I really like the electric WP. I think it will eventually be the way it is done with all cars.

Does anyone have any power consumption numbers on mechanical vs electric WP? I would think there is a pretty fair difference at 2500 rpm.

One other question. Do you ever bike commute when the weather is better? Ecomodding a car is great...for when you need a car. But driving a car 6 miles in nice weather to class and back really is kind of dumb.
hi pete c

my battery died recently and I just buy a normal battery but I plan on buying a deep cycle battery (li-ion or normal) to replace my alt on short trip

the max power consumption of my EWP is 7.5a but when my engine is cold it run on/off cycles on 7.5a but 6volt. and recently i put 4 diodes on a switch to make it run on -2volt when i want

right now bike is impossible but when the warm weather will arrive I will study the possibility
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