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Was just reading something about edison's eventual market car.

I kept reading about how they had to make this compromise and that. How it had to have acceptable levels of interior trim, AC, etc....

I get that. I just hope that an 800 lb 250cc car doesn't become an 1800 lb 1250cc one.

Would such a vehicle be better than anything currently out there?

Sure it would. It would still beat the pants off anything currently available, mpg-wise. But, it could be more, or should I say, less.

Maybe they should build THAT car. I just hope they also build one as close to the original as possible. One that doesn't have "acceptable" levels of interior trim, AC or a cup holder. Well, maybe a cup holder. Make it a two seater with a 400cc NA single (cheaper to produce than the 250 turbo).

I believe such a vehicle could be produced for below 15 grand. Maybe well below. I read somewhere that the 4 passenger vehicle's price objective is around 25K.

I am sure they will sell at that price, but to tightwads like me and plenty others on this board, it will never financial sense, so long as there is a steady supply of old beaters out there which can be bought for pocket change.

We cheap SOBs won't fork over 25K. But half that? Well, now you at least have our attention.
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