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Well James you have obviously not done the research, and have only bought into the lies and propaganda spewed by the government or some other group.

Hemp according to USDA information is capable of providing way more fuel than corn, and that is only one use. It could be used to make many industrial products simultaneously.

Some 27 states have either passed laws favoring hemp or are considering such legislation, according to the North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC).

Why would so many states be interested if hemp were not useful?
Why would the Feds continue to ban industrial hemp when it is not usable as a drug?

Banning hemp is like refusing to sell Grape Juice to an underage person because it has traces of alcohol in it.

Poppy seed bagels are legal but they have enough of a trace of opiates that a person who ate too many could have a false positive for opiates if drug tested.

Hemp has such a small amount of THC that there is no way to get high from it, so there is no logical reason to prohibit hemp, except to provide illegal protection to products that it could compete with.

Marijuana farmers would lose money if their illegal pot crops were contaminated by hemp pollen, so the BS excuse that hemp farmers would hide some pot mixed in with the hemp crop just doesn't fly. Hemp contamination downgrades marijuana.

Remember I said "If you did the research..."

There is even an organization of Police Officers that think marijuana prohibition is wrong.

The real reason marijuana is illegal in the first place was to protect certain rich business' from having to compete with hemp.

I have done the research, and in spite of my strict religeous upbringing that had me convinced that marijuana is a dangerous drug, I have discovered the truth about Hemp, and why marijuana is illegal.

In my very educated opinion on the subject, marijuana/hemp prohibition is straight up evil. God made a plant that is extremely useful, and men have the audacity to try to erradicate the plant that god made. (you can use nature in place of god if that makes you happy)

You don't have to take my word for it, the information is all over the internet. Of course if you only research the government and church sites you will not get the whole truth.

If you think this is the opinion of a hippy pot head, then you are being a blind bigot.

Are you afraid to find out that you might be wrong about something?

Are you afraid to believe that you are not really in control of the government, and that they might be lying to you to protect the rich oil companies, and pharmeceutical companies, and alcohol companies who all spend big dollars to keep hemp/marijuana illegal?

My point is, that if you did the research and found out the truth you too would be against the prohibition of hemp/marijuana. If you chose to blindy follow the lies then you might just be a sucker that fell for a really big con.


Allan Greenblazer
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