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40-60-40 MPH P&G
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help me design my ajustable grill block

my idea of sliding panel with bike cables have fail because it is very hard to slide when screw on my bumper

it need to be done with things avaliable at home depot, and other stores like that. and I can use my 2 cable bike that are very long, and screw and tape every were I want on my bumper, and I have infinite cloroplast

this is what I am working with:

Best Tank (1557.2 Km): 2.57 LHK (91.63 MPG (US) )
Best Highway Trip (~36.8 Km): 2.16 LHK (109 MPG (US) )
Best Commute Trip avg (73.8 Km ): 2.33 LHK (101 MPG (US) )
Echo-Troll Modding Thread

I know i dont have a very good write-up
no lean-burn? no good gear ratio? p&g is the answer
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