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I have been testing one out for a bit and it is looking to be better and better as I get used to it and we fine tune it. My best trip so far got up to 75.6 mpg where on the same route my personal best prior to this ecu was 67 mpg. Please note this was with a lot of EOC, pulse and glide, and LUCK! In my opinion, it is able to pulse in back up to speed in a leaner condition that stock, then shut off for coasting. Not having a reset period is a huge plus.

I have used the ECU for about 3000 miles so far. You lose OBD2, but honestly, you really don't need to monitor anything with a scan gauge or ultra gauge. I let off the gas and I am in lean burn. I think the tune needs to be tweaked a bit for 5th gear as my RPMs are a little different than the stock HX's they tested on. I seem to be right at 50-56 mpg while cruising around on the highway in 5th gear in lean burn. I would have expected to be at 60+. It is still nice though. Literally just let off the gas and it goes into lean burn instantly. Not monitoring, no waiting for it to reset. Instantly.

On a side note, one of the huge pros to this setup, is there is still value in your parts afterwards. So later down the road if you want to sell the car without this, you can always revert it back to stock and sell this as a used kit. Similar to how people sell VX wheels and used scan gauges, this might have value in the used part marketplace. Where as a 40k mile tire will be worn out and useless after 40k, it sets a short amount of time to pay itself off. I know I really considered some of the 40k extreme LRR tires until I found out their cost was the same if not higher than the 90k mile semi good LRR tire. It is funny how stepping back and looking at the true costs really puts things into perspective. In any case, you could essentially use this for 40k, 80k, 200k, and still have value afterwards.

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