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Originally Posted by turbothrush View Post
....I'm trying to say away from polyester fillers entirely. After a sanded micro layer I am thinking maybe System Three epoxy primer then System Three lpu top coat. Manufacturer says it can be wet sanded and buffed which is something that I am already familiar with . I don't really need to go automotive topcoats since I don't need to do any color matching....Any thoughts or comments ?

I use either West System Epoxy or U.S. Composites Epoxy.

I do NOT use any type of polyester resin. It smells, hard to mix because of having to count multiple drops, and eats the Foamular foam on contact.

The epoxy I use is mixed 3:1, and I use pumps, so it's super easy and pretty fool-proof too, works great with micro-balloons, and is very predictable in it's operation. Oh, and it does not eat the foam!

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