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If you were to study the issue like I have you too would be convinced that Marijuana Prohibition is not because it is a dangerous drug(it's not), but it is illegal to protect the profits of the oil companies, and the pharmeceutical companies, among others.
I thought the excuse for the ban was that hemp would make non-white people crazy rapists of white women.

Amusingly, the first marijuana law was apparently enacted in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619 requiring all farmers to grow Indian hemp seed.

We could fix the entire problem of drug use/abuse real quick with this simple, sensible, and modest program (dare I call it a proposal? ):
My proposal would also allow for the covering of all waste ground in forests of hemp for harvesting as oil, fiber, whatever.

1: Put all types of intoxicating drugs out in big tubs, anyone of legal age can take as much as they want. You can grow, distill, synthesize whatever you want, as long as the smell, byproducts. waste, etc. of doing so do not pollute/damage-the-environment-or-ecosystem/get-ingested-by-the-unwilling. Note carefully item 7. Use and posession of antibiotics is restricted. This destroys the profit of drug manufacture/sale.

2: Voluntary (intentional) public intoxication (on any intoxicant) is long time at the work farm. Stay inside at home or in an "opium den" while intoxicated is OK. Also see item 7. This keeps the sidewalks free of vomit and bodies. No more drunks peeing on your doorstep, or doing a poor live action re-make of "A Clockwork Orange"

3: Hurting someone if driving while intoxicated (on anything) is life at the work farm. This is just common sense, and should be this way now.

4: Anyone who wants public assistance has to pass a drug test every week. No public assistance for anyone using any intoxicants. Their kids are tested as well. If their kids have been taking intoxicants the kids go to a kindler, gentler, juvie work farm.
This is self-evident.

5: No free emergency room/other medical attention to anyone who is intoxicated (on anything). Someone ODs, or falls of a roof while intoxicated (on anything) and has no insurace to pay for care? Too bad. If you want to be treated, you agree to go to the work farm afterwards to pay off your debt. If you are so spaced out you cannot agree, We will wait till it wears off. If you die in the meantime, too bad. (There are no drugs allowed at the work farm. I'm thinking of a more profit-and-production-oriented version of the movie "Cool Hand Luke", but without the gratuitous killing as a guiding principle for running a work farm) There is no reason that society should have to pay for those who cannot use drugs responsibly.

6. A person who is not intoxicated is presumed to have acted lawfully, if in self defense, OR IN DEFENSE OF PROPERTY, they use deadly force against someone who IS (or is determined to be by appropriate testing) intoxicated. Stand your ground and castle law in effect.

7. Knowingly tricking someone into taking an intoxicant, or putting roofies, etc. into womens drinks at a bar, etc., OR putting intoxicants into the air or water supply, or food, where the unwilling ingest them: death penalty.

I think you can all agree this is just Darwin updated. Those who choose to take intoxicating drugs can do so as long as they behave responsibly and do not impose themselves on the rest of society. Otherwise, work farm, jail, or dead.

My thanks to Jonathan Swift for his assistance in creating this work.
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