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Originally Posted by mwebb View Post
Blackstone reports are good for the engine the report is for
only - conditions change - every application is unique -

there are so many puddingheads out there recommending complete nonsense that i try to ignore these threads

most engine oil sold is pure garbage , good only for lighting the barbeque or adding to your heating oil tank

go to the BITOG forums and study and learn

read the bottle
the specifications on the bottle MUST meet the minimum specifications for your application
many well known oils , do not meet any specifications
like ROYAL PURPLE ( big budget for advertising no budget for testing ? )

ALL European specification
ACEA A3 B3 A3 B4 oils are many times BETTER than most anything else yet some are not suitable for certain applications

there is no reason to not use the BEST oil for your particular application
"DINO" oil is never acceptable for any application

3k mile intervals kill cat converters and "dino" oil kills engines and cat converters - NEVER USE IT
So, your a BITOG'r, or are you? Why don't you put a post on that site using the last sentence in your post!
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