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Originally Posted by tes
No, that is not the government's Roadster. They don't have a hardtop.
That is correct!

Originally Posted by euromodder
Playing with taxpayers' money is always fun !
It certainly was...

Originally Posted by War_Wagon
Well MetroMPG, it would seem to me that if the federal government has one for evalution purposes, it would therefore be a government asset. And as such, at some point it must be disposed of, and federal government vehicle assests get sold via auctions that are open to the general population.
Very true. How do I know all this?

Originally Posted by tes
I met one of the engineers working with the government's Tesla recently. He says only four engineers are authorized to drive the car.
When I worked there in 2010 I was one of the "evil" four Gov't employees allowed to drive it. At the time it was actually three Engineers and the Fleet Manager... I was the FM. That car was/is on special restriction and requires the Department Head's approval to sign it out, for very obvious reasons.

Here's a nice shot from the test track in Blainville, QC. I'm the funny looking feller behind the wheel:

Here's the link to the article, for those who can read French:

Les autos de demain mises à l'épreuve (VIDÉO) | Sébastien Templier | Auto écolo

Originally Posted by MetroMPG
My brother says he observed the driver & passenger "evaluating" the car's ridiculous acceleration capabilities several times.
I can tell you that anyone driving a Tesla Roadster for the first time will literally be blown away by the telepathic accelerator response, buttery smoothness of the drivetrain, and the eerily quiet ferocity of the acceleration.

It has one gear... FAST. There's no waiting, no shifting, no hesitation, no tall torque-dividing overdrive ratios, just HUGE EFFORTLESS TORQUE any time you flex your right foot. It really is an amazing experience to drive one, and I'm sure tes would back me up on that.

The Model S will offer most of the visceral thrill of the roadster in a large luxury sedan. I hope to be lucky enough to drive one someday.

I just thought I'd dig up an old thread and expose one of those lucky Gov't b@$tards that, at one time anyway, got to drive that little red electric rocket for the sake of science and the betterment of our great nation.
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