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Originally Posted by LostCause View Post
Your car is a neat project. I think it's fascinating watching an old, conventional restoration. That engine bay is cavernous!

I believe gas engines are only ~30% efficient. Turbo-compounded diesels have reached ~46%, but they are about the most efficient of internal combustion engines.

I'm not too familiar with older engines, but I think your % gains seem a little optimistic. Your biggest gain from modifying the engine would probably come from increasing the CR, as I bet it is really low (6.5:1?). I've only seen water injection applied to heavily boosted/high CR engines (e.g. WWII aircraft), but I suppose it might work alongside advanced timing.

The hydrogen generator will probably be a waste of time. I've never seen one work and I can only conceive of it helping raise a fuel's octane number. I think you'll see the biggest gains by modifying driving style and sticking to more conventional tactics first.

I look forward to seeing the rest of the restoration.

- LostCause
Oops, forgot the first change (It'll pay for the others. ):

Mr. Gasket makes a variety of Advance Timing curve spring kits for Ford and GM engines, and my little six. Saves from 5 to 15% on fuel, a bit more HP and more torque at the more common City/Hwy speeds. For $10? It's a no-brainer:


Here's some Ford Six info on results - It became a Sticky/Tech Article:

Better written FordSix comment on the Advance Curve Kit:

Tough little beasts with 7 main bearings - like a Duracell bunny.
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