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What Paint Did You Use?

Originally Posted by wyatta4 View Post
I have some photos of my rear interior..

I Painted the rear speaker covers too.. They were faded, they look good though.


Now my front interior needs done... The center console deal is faded and the black is just coming off.. you know, around the shifter..

Still need to figure out what to about my cargo box deal.. Probly just gunna have the reupholsterer do me up something nice.. I've realized I dont have too much money anymore cause of my upcoming college... ha so progress may slow...
I know that I am a bit late but what paint did you use? I have blue interior and am trying to restore my REX. Blue is so hard to find but black is everywhere. you said it was a SEM paint that is Shadow Blue, but do you have a paint code. That looks so right and very OEM.
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