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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
The most hilarious thing about the 1.0L version of the car in the UK: you can only get one in white! Like we needed a reason to compare it to the Ford Model T!
Actually, the Dacia Sandero that Arragonis compared it to, also comes in very few and non-metallic colours if you want the lowest possible sticker price.
White and blue.

Against most biased analysts and analysis, Dacia has shown that there is a hugely booming market for cheap-ish, no-nonsense cars in Europe.

They are filling the void left by the Japs and Koreans who were going up-market, after VW who hadn't built a Volks wagen in years.
VW came down to earth again with the up! - well, sort of - and it is selling very well.
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