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Man I wish I had a simple answer for you. I like the iduino these days. $18, usb, breadboardable, could fit behind an LCD, But it is a different layout than the standard duino. You were one of the first USB proponents but I liked the serial cuz it was a bit cheaper, and worked better with that whole palm fiasco (and my elm adapter).

Unfortunately the iduino folks don't sell LCDs. And we are experiencing some failures with the ones from NKC currently, but cannot determine the cause so I don't know what to tell you there.

I also think I underestimated the footprint the non-legacy machines had, and am starting to think a USB solution is better, especially at $18.

But if you get the iduino, consider adding another pre-loaded atmega168 and 16mhz crystal to your order too (ok, and a couple of their 18pf caps if you are feeling nice). Then you can do cool things with your breadboard like the signal generator or have already collected the key parts for a custom guino or kit or prototype and still have your iduino to play with on the desktop.

So sorry it isn't a simple yes or no.
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