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Grrr :-)
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22-24mpg is completely within the realm of possible for a cherokee with the inline 6 engine. Well at least is USED To be. I regularly average 22mpg for my daily commute. I measured my MPG for over 350,000 miles (I have over 452,000 miles on my cherokee it had 92,000 when I bought it in 1996) I wish I still had all those records but I never kept them I did the math and discarded until the next tank. I used mpg as the canary to tell me when something "was not right" with my truck. On many occassion pure highway driving I would get 24mpg and even hit 25.50mpg on one trip (must have had a tail wind :-) but that trip was a fluke. The gas station was 100feet from the freeway. I only had to accelerate a single time and then did not drop below 60mph for over 420 miles and that was to goto another gas station to fill up again. Wish I could do that daily :-)

Alas I said USED to be possible. It seems this ethanol is screwing my cherokee as well sadly :-( My first "real" tank in the Cherokee since the rebuild (new engine exhaust lots of new stuff) netted me 17mpg. that sucks. Even my worst driving did not get that low previously (unless I went into the mountains)

NOW I am slightly advantageous of a stock Cherokee I have 31" tires. this lets me travel FURTHER per revolution. IF you "baby" it and squeeze it gently on level terrain this will net you lower RPM at the same speed and as long as your not lugging you will GAIN mpg from this (think of it as installing higher "gear" rations in the tranny)

but when I goto the mountains and have to forcefully spin those meats up hills. Ouch 9mpg is not unheard of :-) hehe

I have a feeling I will never see 24+mpg ever again in my Cherokee with this filthy ethanol in our fuel :-(

BUT if you live in an area with gasoline WITHOUT ethanol then you CAN achieve very good mpg 20mpg being EASY if you do not have hilly country to deal with.

The vehicles combined epa rating is 16mpg with 22 possible on the highway according to the EPA.
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