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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by Enki View Post
Ideally, I'd retrofit a common rail pump from a diesel for higher flow and bolt that up to solve fueling supply issues and take some much needed stress off the cam (fuel pump is cam-driven on the opposite side of where the cam chains up to the crank, inciting torsional stress on the intake side, which also has VVT).
In drag-races I've already seen engines assembled with Diesel blocks, a few ones with the stock Diesel head (with higher gaskets to lower the compression) modded to get spark plugs where the stock glowplugs would be while other ones had gasser heads fitted. If the MZR-CD was available back there, it could be a good base for such attempt to break the 200MPH barrier. We might wait to see if somebody will attempt it with the upcoming SkyActiv-D

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