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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
Not sure why, but both of those charts seem to give figures that are low.
I think it's because they are calculated for a constant speed on a flat road with 0% slope: impossible in real life!
But you can consider these values as "mimimum energy consumption": you can't go lower, only higher.

As per my experience, average cosumptions are (more or less):
1000-2000 W Ebike: 30-50 Wh/km
3000-5000 W Ebike: 60-70 Wh/km
4-6 kW minicar (45 km/h): 80 Wh/km
6-8 kW minicar (80 km/h): 100 Wh/km
small car: 150 Wh/km
big car: 200 Wh/km

But having real and more detailed data would be really interesting!
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