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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
Not sure why, but both of those charts seem to give figures that are low.
I think because it's in metric kilometers, which gives smaller values making everything seem more efficient.
Originally Posted by mort View Post
Hi jumpjack,
So its in mostly conventional units but look: The ecomodder calculator.
Your chart doesn't seem to have any weight of vehicle. If I run with your Cd and area, I see this.
550 KG (1200 lb) is a very light car.
Speaking about very light cars, check out the ridiculously efficient wh/m rating vs speed graph for the Edison2. 200 miles range at 60mph with 16kwh.
Edison2 - Very Light Blog - And The Consequences Are

Use the Calculator at the top of the forum. Use the KWH needed at speed / the speed to get the wh/km or mi rating.
I try to be helpful. I'm not an expert.
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