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Originally Posted by mort View Post
I see [URL=" Cd=.3&FrontalArea=2.2&FrontalAreaUnits=m^2&FuelWh= 33557&IceEfficiency=.22&DrivetrainEfficiency=.95&P arasiticOverhead=0&rho=1.225&FromToStep=5-200-5"]this.
Cool, I didn't see the link. I eventually have something to compare my results to!

But you're right, I published results for a "very slight car" as I was studying power/energy for minicars!

Using a "real" car (1000 kg) I get of course higher results, but they also differ depending on battery weight, which depends on how much range you need, and so on....

But switching back to the original question: apart from simulated results, do they exist any experimental results to play with?
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