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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Why? Because bikes have relatively high rolling and aero resistance and relatively low weight. Sure, hills are one thing but out on the flats, bikes glide down like they are dragging anchors compared to cars, and even cars suck.

I have to agree with you.

I have an old VF500 with a full size custom fairing, and also drive a Honda Insight.

Comparing the rolling resistance and/or air drag between the two is just silly.

At the same speed of about 30 mph, the car will easily coast a half mile, while the bike can barely coast 1/4 mile.

On the way to work, there is a slightly downhill section of road and the car gains speed with the engine off, and the bike will only maintain constant speed when I turn the engine back on and apply power.

The air drag on the motorcycle is so high that I doubt P&G is gaining much for the motorcycle. The car is another matter entirely.

EOC'ing from 33 to 20 mph on a hot summer day, the car usually gives 150 mpg.

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