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Originally Posted by some_other_dave View Post
Most wiper motors are not designed to run backwards.

The wiper motors that I have the most experience with are out of older aircooled Porsches. They have microswitches built into the output linkage that tells the motor where the "park" position is. If the microswitch gets closed and the wiper stalk is in the "do not run" position, the relay running the motor gets switched off. If either of those things is not true, the relay keeps sending power to the motor.

That's pretty much how they all work.

The reciprocation is achieved in the linkage. If you search for "4 bar linkage" or similar you will be able to see how they work.

How about looking at the motor and linkage from a car with pop up headlights? Even better if it's one with just eyelids - rare of course but there's going to be few buyers for those parts too.

For a grille block in general I think a 2 or 3 flap one, horizontal flaps, with each flap either fully open or closed, opening in stages, would work well. The open flap should meet up with a vane immediately behind it to form a duct to the radiator core. I think part opened vanes are going to trip the air and cause drag. 2 or 3 discrete ducts, fully open or closed, should be better.

Maybe even add a turning vane to encourage the airflow down and out of the engine bay on the other side of the radiator.

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