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Ever had the itch for an RV??

Every once in a while I get the urge to get a tent trailer. Or maybe a conversion van. A few years back I picked up a Sidewinder converted Astro van, complete with funky grey velour curtains and green shag carpet. Then I realized that when the seat in the back folds flat, it doesn't actually make for a bed big enough to sleep on unless you are a professional jockey. But then, yesterday, I saw this:

1977 GMC Palm Beach. 455 V8 Olds powered, front wheel drive! Bought new by a local university, they gutted the interior and converted it into a mobile office for campus security. It still has all the desks and chairs inside. In the last 35 years it has racked up, wait for it - 37000 miles. It's up for auction this weekend, unreserved. (Meaning the highest bid will own it, there is no set price to buy it, for those that don't speak auctionese lol). I have to say, as appalling as the FE would be on this thing, I just can't help but picture it going down the road with my Insight on a tow bar hanging off the back! (Think of the regen if I left the key on!! ha ha)

I have tried to curb my V8 habits over the years, but once in a while something so terrible it's great comes along and I find myself really wanting to get it. Please, let me know I am not alone! Some of you get the urge for 8 mpg every once in a while too, right??

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